Sugar Daddy Australia – Why Sugar Dating Is So Popular In Australia

You'd think the capital of sugar dating would be America - a country with all the major dating sites that offer this service, and the Americans being famous for most of the popular taboos around the world. However, a quick look at the statistics of some sugar dating sites and you'd come to see that it's Australia that takes first place as the place where sugar dating is the most popular. This may be surprising to find out, but once you look at the factors that led up to this, it's not hard to understand why this is.

There are a lot of men willing to be sugar daddies

One of the most primitive of principles of economics is the fact that no market can exist without there first being a demand for a product, and sugar dating is no exception to this rule. The average sugar daddy in Australia earns an average of $250,000 a year, meaning they have enough money to spoil any girl they choose to take on as their sugar baby.

Given Australia's booming economy and the higher rate of successful males looking for partners in Australia, it's not surprising that many of them turn to sugar dating to seek companionship. Furthermore, being seen with a younger woman derives a feeling of envy from onlookers, which is another reason why many successful men in their forties like to get into sugar dating so that they can flaunt their beautiful, young dates in front of their colleagues.

There are a lot of women willing to be sugar babies

While the number of sugar daddies in Australia is certainly large, it is very much dwarfed by the overwhelming number of women looking to sign up as sugar babies. And the number only keeps growing day by day. The most common driving factor behind this trend is the financial situation many college women find themselves in; unable to support themselves throughout their studies; they instead find it better to get into sugar dating and live a life of luxury and comfort than find a part-time job. They seek benefit from their sugar daddies to pay for their bills and university-related costs such as books etc. According to one of the famous sugar dating site, the number of students in Australia seeking sugar daddies/mommies rises 42% compare to the previous year.

Though most girls get into sugar dating only use it as a temporary way of lifestyle (until they earn their degrees and can stand on their own feet for example). They may also want to use this as an opportunity to get deeper into the high life. Gaining help from their daddies for better social opportunities is one of them. They might look to get more intimate with their sugar daddies and start actual, stable relationships. Or use their sugar daddy's connections in the corporate world to gain a stronger footing in their career.

It's not illegal or particularly frowned upon in Australia

Perhaps the most encouraging factor that has made sugar dating so popular in Australia is the environment and people of the country. Sugar dating isn't exactly prohibited in Australia (though sugar babies are not to offer their companionship for a fixed price per date) and the community is generally understanding and not as quick to judge people for their relationship choices. According to site in sugar dating industry, the most popular cities for sugar dating in Australia are: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. It's the open-minded culture and economic factors that make it a perfect place for the booming of the sugar daddy – baby kind of relationship.

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