Is It Possible To Get A Sugar Daddy Without Giving “Sugar”?

Many young girls who are new to the sugar dating world would ask a question. “Is it possible to get a sugar daddy without sex?” To make this question clear, we need to get the following questions answered first.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy often refers to some one rich and successful but it was also a term to describe a specific trend. The rich older men often referred to as 'sugar daddies' were using their financial weight to get sexual favor from younger ladies. The ladies in this type of relationships are young, intelligent, good-looking and most are financially unstable with grand life ambitions. They may then seeking arrangements from some men richer and older than themselves.

Older men preying on younger women has been a trend since the ancient times. This is associated with decline in interest in men, by women at their menopausal stage in life. There are specific situations that open avenues for a lady to date a man old enough to be his father or much older than that. College 'babies' are the common gem in this sugar daddy business. Most of these 'daddies' are over 50 years and have a notable net worth. And they could either be married, divorced or widowed. These men provide what these college girls cannot afford on themselves, like, good living standards, cars and even college fee while in return they give company and fulfill the older folk’s fantasies.

What motivates Sugar Daddies?

Sugar daddies as discussed above are mostly wealthy so, they apparently could go out with anyone else but they choose these seemingly young girls who are still schooling. Why is this so? The first aspect that motivates them is the curiosity and the adventurous notion that comes with being young and wild. These men want to relive their youth again for the price of a little treat to these babies.

The other motivating factor commonly with the married men is the loss of love and attention in their marriages. Men who feel inadequately attended to or unappreciated by their lifelong spouses tend to look for them outside of the wedding, for example through escorts and others like sex workers. However, even though this may be an excuse, spouses should better talk before indulging in such acts. Or that may forever damage their relationship.

The other aspects

Some men would treat these ladies just to have them as companies at various occasions, like bossiness trips and cooperate dinner dates. As seen earlier, the babies are mostly educated or in school, this allows the older men to have decent conversations as well as able to blend in and express themselves when they act as dates. This gives the men more confidence in themselves. As they pride themselves on being outgoing and adventurous as opposed to what would be expected of them.

Loneliness is another factor that drives older men to be sugar daddies. Being a widower or a divorce robs the man the opportunity of enjoying any sort of intimate company. They therefore opt to use their money to coerce young girls to fall for them. These may be viewed as a great way of moving on. And this is encouraged to those who cannot put up with the loneliness and are likely to be depressed.


To understand the sugar baby dating thing, it is best to know what motivates them. And what pushes married men to go out on a search for escorts when they have wives at home. It is therefore apparent that it mainly for the mutual benefits of both parties. And it is not illegal provided the girls are of ascending age. With all the above things in mind, you may have an answer that if it's possible to get an online sugar daddy only.

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