The Pros and Cons of Being a Sugar Baby

Most of us are familiar with the term "Sugar Daddy." The words conjure up an image of a somewhat older rich man, with a dazzling beauty on his arm. What you might be a little less familiar with is the name of that woman lucky enough to be the center of his attention—a sugar baby.

A quick search online for a sugar baby website can even revel another important truth that these women are real people, and maybe you could be one too. Becoming a sugar baby is a serious decision and it's something you should think over carefully before setting up a profile. Here are some of the pros and cons of being a sugar baby to help you make that decision.

Pro: Your Sugar Daddy Will Spoil You

Pampering is simply part of the deal of a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. Whether that spoiling comes in the form of an allowance, your bills being paid, tropical vacations, or really expensive gifts, you can expect lots of good things coming from your Sugar Daddy.

Con: Not all Sugar Daddies will deliver the way you expect

It is a sugar daddy's (also known as an SD) responsibility to make sure you get a certain amount of pampering. One con though is that your idea of pampering and your SD's may be different. If you're expecting to never have to work again and your SD simply wants to gift you with the occasional piece of jewelry, you may be disappointed.

Pro: The terms of the relationship will be clear

Sometimes our relationships can get really muddled. Is he your friend? A friend with benefits? Figuring all this out can be very difficult. With an SD, the terms of the relationship are clear. You will know exactly what your SD is expecting, and can lay out your own terms too.

Con: You have to keep your feelings out of it

Being a sugar baby is not a lifetime commitment. You will not be marrying him or having his children. If you both happen to fall in love you can change the nature of the relationship, but as a Sugar Baby if you fall in love the sugar daddy is not obligated to love you back. On the bright side, if you're SD falls in love with you, once again the feeling does not have to be mutual.

Becoming a sugar baby has a lot of benefits. You will be appreciated, doted on, pampered, and treated like a princess. The price of that is you won't be in a long term relationship, and your sugar daddy is not a boyfriend you can show off to the family.

Only you can decide if being a sugar baby is right for you, but if you have an interest in being treated like a princess, you might just look up that sugar baby website and give it a try. You never know what adventure may await you.

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