Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners

A sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship can be incredible rewarding for both parties. Remember that it is a mutually beneficial relationship and should be treated as a transaction. You will be paid or compensated for your time and companionship. The terms of the relationship are what are negotiated upfront and should be very clear and firm just like any other business relationship. Sure there may be emotions involved but at the end of the day this is a temporary relationship, and one that seldom leads to anything permanent. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts when first starting off as a sugar baby.

Developing The Relationship

Don’t Send Sexy Pictures Too Early. You should never send sexy pics before getting to know your new sugar daddy. Trust is essential in the relationship and you need to protect your integrity. So, always converse first and get to know him before offering up pictures of you.

Do Meet In Person As Soon As Possible. A sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship is not a virtual relationship. It is a real relationship that requires a large level of in person interactions. Because of this you need to meet in person as soon as possible to establish if there is a business connection. If not, time to move on. Don’t drag this out with a lot of online flirting.

Establishing The Business Relationship

Don’t Misrepresent Your Needs And Wants. Just like any good businessman you must establish your boundaries. You need to clearly articulate what you want and what you will do to get it. If you want a sugar daddy to give you money, describe how you would like to get paid and how much. Detail the different types of events you are willing to attend and when you are available. This is like hiring a family assistant; you have an outside life but there are business needs.

Do Ask What Will Be Expected Of You. Make sure to find out as much as possible about what your potential sugar daddy wants in return for the price, and make sure to do this as early in the relationship as possible. The sooner these details are agreed to the quicker a higher level of trust can be established.

Don’t Be A Sob Story. Don’t try to go into this because you are constantly out of money or have sick family members. Rich men are happy to help out. That is why they are willing to pay, but they aren’t willing to take on your problems. If they wanted to do that they would just get a real girlfriend instead of paying for a companion.

Do Say Why You Want The Money And What You Will Use It For. But it is important to establish why you are asking for the money and the amount of money. This builds a personal connection between you and your potential daddy. The more he knows about you the more he will appreciate your company.

Continuing With The Relationship

Don’t Feel Sex Is Required. This isn’t prostitution. This is a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and companionship. It is completely different. Will there be an emotional connection? Maybe. Could there be feelings of desire? Sure. Have sex only if you want to have sex not because anyone expects it.

Do Understand That Sex May Be Expected. Men hire women as companions in the mental and physical sense. Many sugar babies would wonder if it's possible to get a sugar daddy without giving any "sugar". Sex may be expected at some point in the relationship. You should be prepared for this. As mentioned above, it isn’t and shouldn’t be a requirement but an added bonus if it is mutually acceptable.

Ending The Relationship

Don’t Expect To Get Notice. At the end of the day this is a business transaction. Don’t expect notice when it is over. It may be via text, or you may be completely ghosted. Don’t feel shafted because of this. There is no expectation that he will call you the next day or make sure to send flowers.

Do Understand You Can End It Too. If it isn’t working for you, then you are free to end the relationship as well. Remember that this is a dual partnership. You have only as much control, as you believe you have. Own your power.

Do Be Honest With Your Sugar Daddy And Yourself. A sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship can be an absolutely amazing experience. But you need to be honest with how you feel about it and what you want to get out of it. If you are looking for a relationship then maybe this isn’t the route to take. But if you are willing to put in the hard work and get a nice reward you may have just found your next side gig.

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