How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

Sugar daddy and baby relationships should be unpretentious. Sex, youth, and companionship are what the sugar daddy wants. The baby needs money, attention, luxuries, to see the world and more. It is easy to wish that all wealthy men could fall head over heels in love with you so that you can avoid hustling for life. Despite everything being in black and white, like all human relationships things get complicated. Asking directly for money can become almost impossible. You might be already getting the money, but it is still not enough. You need more. So, how do you go about it?

Building a Connection

Do you need more? Then, you have to do more. Should I increase the frequency of sex? “No, no.” Good sex is a volatile thing, and it never lasts. If you give too much sex, it becomes valueless. You build a connection with a sugar daddy just like in other relationships.

Ask him about his interests, and values. Find out about the state of his love life, and the things that make him happy. Keep the interaction two way. You can tell him about your desires, hopes, and dreams. He should see himself in your dreams and future. For instance, if he loves children, tell him that you want a whole dozen. Let the man see that you need someone in your life to help you accomplish your goals. Men love to help beautiful, destitute girls.

Stroke His Ego

Men make stupid decisions like starting wars, just because of ego. In Greek methodology, sirens used to lure sailors to their demise just by singing to them. You do not have to sing, but you can sell the man to himself. See, expert seducers do not sell their bodies to daddies. They sell the man to himself. They do this using flattery. You flatter a man by telling him how good he is in bed. Praise his wealth, and his kind spirit. Tell him that he knows how to take care of a woman.

You will see a transformation instantly even in the stingiest man in the world. If you stroke that ego girl, money will flow to you. But, you need to ask for it. Here is the method to ask for money without actually asking:

Asking for Allowance

Your sugar daddies do not want you to call their private number asking for money in the middle of the day. Or, worse – sending a text message asking for money like a kidnapper demanding ransom; or like a landlord demanding overdue rent.

Simply come up with a budget for your living expenses for the whole month minus any money for luxuries. Add the luxuries and non-essential items later. Now, double that money for a millionaire daddy. You may triple or quadruple it for billionaire daddies. They do not care.

When asking for the allowance, make your request sincere and truthful. Any amount less than this will not sustain you. It will be like a drop in an empty bucket. Employ this informed advice, to get what you want. Of course, leave room for negotiation.

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